Mary Shelley

En 1814, Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin entame une relation passionnée et scandaleuse avec le poète Percy Shelley et s’enfuit avec lui. Elle a 16 ans. Condamné par les bienpensants, leur amour tumultueux se nourrit de leurs idées progressistes. En 1816, le couple est invité à passer l’été à Genève, au bord du lac Léman, dans la demeure de Lord Byron. Lors d’une nuit d’orage, à la faveur d’un pari, Mary a l’idée du personnage de Frankenstein. Dans une société qui ne laissait aucune place aux femmes de lettres, Mary Shelley, 18 ans à peine, allait révolutionner la littérature et marquer la culture populaire à tout jamais.

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    Sound Effect Are Awesome

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    He is big\n\n\n\n\n\nBut i fought bigger

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    Plz don’t be rated R

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    Like stranger things

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    2:20 So Badass

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    That CGI is faker than the Spider-Man 3 Mary Shelley; which was made over 10 years ago.\nAnd do they care to explain how Mary Shelley can sling out of his body and through his clothes without tearing them off, and then just reverting right back as if nothing happened?\n\nWait, why did I ever stop to think Sony might do this right? XD

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    OH ... MY ... GOD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    1:49What kind of Mary Shelley voice is that?\n2:19 Best part

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    Somewhere I saw this Mary Shelley in some movie? where?

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    Can I say something? Andrew Garfield shoud star as Spiderman, even if the story is not about him... but he definitely should apear not only as cameo, (also not as the villain) but as an antagonist, trying to catch Venon throughout the movie (with little screen time, like Batman in the Suicide Squad films), while Venon tries to get the real Villain... that would be dope..

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    Mary Shelley's a big guy..

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    WOW. Epic!

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    Eddie. We are Mary Shelley. Guy im going to die

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    Ok so Eddie brock gets the symbiote in this film ߤߤ. I was under the impression he was already Mary Shelley going into this seeing as the story there trying 2 adapt

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    Was that girl phage? Phage is another female symbiotie

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    Its good that marvels releasing so many super powers movies... But Sometimes i missed watching some of these movies...but that will reflect in avenger movie...There is a confusion of who is this character and what is the story beyond this character... Then I was thinking like I should watch this particular movie to better understand this avenger!

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