Possédé par un symbiote qui agit de manière autonome, le journaliste Eddie Brock devient le protecteur létal Venom.

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  1. Anon 22.10.18

    Espero de verdad que lo vayais a poner como villano y no como heroe eh, que ya está bien de cargarse cosas...

  2. Anon 22.10.18

    oh hell yeah!

  3. Anon 22.10.18

    10/10 nice! nice! nice!

  4. Anon 22.10.18

    начало на прототип похоже

  5. Anon 22.10.18

    I dont like eddy brock Character. They picked a good Actor to play him but the way they Made Eddie Brock's character It's not really like the original Eddie Brock I can't relate to that version of a Brock, he is not twisted and if the whole movie is going to be How he gets Twisted That's just A waste of my time I wouldn't watch it But who knows I wait till it comes out not impressed with the trailer

  6. Anon 22.10.18

    At least it's not a white guy that's running the evil corporation for a change.

  7. Anon 22.10.18

    I like his SMILE `,,,,´

  8. Anon 22.10.18

    Trump is Venom

  9. Anon 22.10.18

    o hall to the yessssss took them long enough to make this movie

  10. Anon 22.10.18


  11. Anon 22.10.18

    Spider-Man series gets X-Men treatment...\n(X-Men got \"The Wolverine\")

  12. Anon 22.10.18


  13. Anon 22.10.18

    Wow es la primera vez que veo un tráiler que no contenga escenas buenas :v no voy a desperdiciar mi dinero en eso

  14. Anon 22.10.18

    What are you?\nI'm Gotha....wait no, we are Venom

  15. Anon 22.10.18


  16. Anon 22.10.18

    Русские есть?

  17. Anon 22.10.18

    This gave me the chills

  18. Anon 22.10.18

    Sounds exactly the same as INFINITY WAR.

  19. Anon 22.10.18

    Оооооо давай!!!! Он крут

  20. Anon 22.10.18


  21. Anon 22.10.18

    \"We call them Simba-Yotes\"? Uh...symbiote is a real word and it's not pronounced that way. What are you doing?

  22. Anon 22.10.18

    Start working on CARNAGE!!! but don't do toxin

  23. Anon 22.10.18


  24. Anon 22.10.18

    What The Hell Are You?\n\nWE ARE Venom

  25. Anon 22.10.18

    I don't like how she pronounces symbiote lol

  26. Anon 22.10.18

    2:19 Goosebumps

  27. Anon 22.10.18

    OMG I have wrong thinking about Venom movie I can't wait for this movie

  28. Anon 22.10.18


  29. Anon 22.10.18

    Yes, the fire rises.

  30. Anon 22.10.18

    This looks amazing but it just doesn't feel right without spiderman still gonna watch it tho

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