Spider-Man : New Generation

SPIDER-MAN : NEW GENERATION présente Miles Morales, un adolescent vivant à Brooklyn, et révèle les possibilités illimitées du Spider-Verse, un univers où plus d’un peut porter le masque…

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  1. Anon 18.10.18

    2:23 que hermosa lengua

  2. Anon 18.10.18


  3. Anon 18.10.18

    Yo Spider-Man : New Generation where u at :)

  4. Anon 18.10.18

    So Dark.. You sure this guy not from DC Universe?\n\n\n\n\nA billion thanks for smart dude who guessed the reference ߘ

  5. Anon 18.10.18

    Looks so much better then the attempt of Spider-Man : New Generation in Spider Man 3.

  6. Anon 18.10.18

    Ughhh the tongues on point

  7. Anon 18.10.18

    Spam that like button ߑߑߑߑߑ

  8. Anon 18.10.18

    the same avengers infinity war music

  9. Anon 18.10.18

    Donnie Darko vibes, anyone?

  10. Anon 18.10.18

    Omg omg 2:19

  11. Anon 18.10.18

    Where's Spiderman ?

  12. Anon 18.10.18

    Is spiderman in this movie?

  13. Anon 18.10.18

    He's a reporter.\nSo was Spiderman.\n\nAooaoabakooo

  14. Anon 18.10.18

    Caralho top de mais

  15. Anon 18.10.18

    This movie needs spidermam cause how else would it Spider-Man : New Generation get the suit idea

  16. Anon 18.10.18

    I’m calling it. This movie will not be good. It will be poorly written, the effects will be half assed, and I bet “Full Spider-Man : New Generation” will only be in the movie for max 25 minutes. \nAlso Tom Hardy’s voice is actually the worst.

  17. Anon 18.10.18


  18. Anon 18.10.18


  19. Anon 18.10.18

    They promised me Spider-Man : New Generation. Gave me Prototype instead :(

  20. Anon 18.10.18

    2007 Spider-Man : New Generation is better than this drama

  21. Anon 18.10.18

    Lass den Boxen.

  22. Anon 18.10.18

    DANGGGGGGGGGGGG that look pretty good

  23. Anon 18.10.18

    “The guy you work for is an evil person”\n\nI love Tom Hardy but the way he says that is fucking hilarious

  24. Anon 18.10.18

    Always cool to watch New Hero movie

  25. Anon 18.10.18

    It Sound like they used Music from Avengers infinity war

  26. Anon 18.10.18

    I thought that I opened The Iris trailer after the “We are Spider-Man : New Generation” quote lol

  27. Anon 18.10.18

    Much inside info has been shown in this trailer

  28. Anon 18.10.18

    \"we are Spider-Man : New Generation\". Trademark!

  29. Anon 18.10.18

    Looks pretty good to me :)

  30. Anon 18.10.18

    Why does this video have a dislike button?!!?

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