Avengers 4

Le quatrième volet de la saga "Avengers".

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  1. Anon 18.10.18

    Why do i feel like this movie is going to be better than the trailer ߤߤ

  2. Anon 18.10.18

    Omg now I wanna watch this movie XD

  3. Anon 18.10.18

    I just saw the cast tom holland is also in there ( peter parker/spiderman ) and so does pattrick mulligan ( toxin ) \n\nbut they are not sure so it will be 50/50

  4. Anon 18.10.18

    His voice sounds like zooms voice from the flash.

  5. Anon 18.10.18

    The Stilted acting is going to make this thing bomb hard.

  6. Anon 18.10.18

    This Avengers 4 will destroy Tom Hollands Spiderman ߘߘ

  7. Anon 18.10.18

    Looks like a flop already

  8. Anon 18.10.18

    1:38 Tokyo ghoul...

  9. Anon 18.10.18

    Umm... no thank you. Looks mediocre at best. Tom Hardy is gonna kill it, but it looks really dumb and Avengers 4 looks pretty horrendous.

  10. Anon 18.10.18

    This movie looks like cancer on my nuts.

  11. Anon 18.10.18

    Hit like if you wanna see Avengers 4 (Tomy) in Avengers

  12. Anon 18.10.18

    Omg,omg,omg is amazin

  13. Anon 18.10.18

    okay so where is carnage

  14. Anon 18.10.18

    Ooo this looks good

  15. Anon 18.10.18

    Looks bad.

  16. Anon 18.10.18

    I feel like we’ll see the symbiot tentacles a lot but barely see “Avengers 4”

  17. Anon 18.10.18

    Is it just me or does this look bad

  18. Anon 18.10.18


  19. Anon 18.10.18

    Ehh idk I was hoping this was gonna be great but I didn't get much excitment from this. Who is he gonna fight? A bunch of random henchmen and that one guy from The Night Of? Lol

  20. Anon 18.10.18

    Meh, CGI looks amateur, and all is too dark.

  21. Anon 18.10.18

    So the trailer doesn’t imply that the Symbiote has already bonded with Spider-Man so why is it that it has that look? I thought the classic Avengers 4 look was a product of the bondage with Peter’s suit.

  22. Anon 18.10.18

    Dammit they need carnage he's probably the most sadistic villain in marvel

  23. Anon 18.10.18

    Infinity war Song ?

  24. Anon 18.10.18

    That just looks awful

  25. Anon 18.10.18

    Well, it definitely looks better than the first one.

  26. Anon 18.10.18

    Why couldn't Gilbert Gottfried do the voice of Avengers 4. What a missed oppertunity.

  27. Anon 18.10.18

    Wow..its the 2nd best trailer i seen after infinity war..this film will rock..❤❤ߘߘ❤❤finally Avengers 4❤❤

  28. Anon 18.10.18


  29. Anon 18.10.18

    Who's the voice of Avengers 4? Is it also Tom Hardy?

  30. Anon 18.10.18


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