Personnage légendaire depuis 70 ans, Aquaman est le Roi des Sept Mers, régnant à contrecœur sur Atlantis. Pris en étau entre les Terriens qui détruisent constamment la mer et les habitants d'Atlantis prêts à se révolter, Aquaman doit protéger la planète tout entière…


  1. Anon 22.10.18

    this looks better than the first trailer

  2. Anon 22.10.18


  3. Anon 22.10.18

    Like this coment please ߘ

  4. Anon 22.10.18

    Когда фильм выйдет ?

  5. Anon 22.10.18

    ANTI-HERO....\nOkay?... but all I see is Aquaman killing people.

  6. Anon 22.10.18

    Anyone notice the soundtrack is almost the same as the second Infinity War Trailer?

  7. Anon 22.10.18

    Communism exist\n\nYou are Aquaman\n\nNo, \"we are Aquaman\"

  8. Anon 22.10.18


  9. Anon 22.10.18

    Who asked for this?

  10. Anon 22.10.18


  11. Anon 22.10.18

    So sony and marvel ? Not going to happend

  12. Anon 22.10.18

    Sony still doesn't get it.

  13. Anon 22.10.18

    How can you have Brock and Aquaman without spiderman tho

  14. Anon 22.10.18

    When is This!!!??

  15. Anon 22.10.18

    I'm Pelmen :D

  16. Anon 22.10.18

    Is this Avengers:Infinity war sound track??

  17. Anon 22.10.18

    My only hope is that Sony can see the potential they have with this and the new way marvel's taking the lead with Peter and just fuse for further stories.\nI was the first to disagree with the idea of this movie because the source material is so big that wasting it on one person can be devastating.\nLikely Agent Venon will meet other symbiotes but i'd like to see more.\nDeadpool's throwback's,Spidey's apparences.\nBlade,the midnight sons,sinister's six in action with relevant storyline that is canon.\nIf this weird anti hero can launch something new than bring it on.

  18. Anon 22.10.18

    OMG.Tom Hardy.Aquaman voice.Huge and brutal Aquaman like in original comics,what can be better?

  19. Anon 22.10.18

    No Barry, WE are Aquaman

  20. Anon 22.10.18

    I really wish the symbiote would have said \"I have a use for you.\" like Tom does in Taboo. Wasted opportunity.

  21. Anon 22.10.18

    The mood just like the amazing spider man

  22. Anon 22.10.18


  23. Anon 22.10.18

    sym BUY ote. Ugh, that's an annoying pronunciation.

  24. Anon 22.10.18

    Please give us Carnage

  25. Anon 22.10.18

    Is Aquaman an anti-hero or a super villain?

  26. Anon 22.10.18

    and spiderman

  27. Anon 22.10.18

    Looks like they found from Spider man- 3 (Aquaman)

  28. Anon 22.10.18

    Hopefully it's violent, like those R rated action movies.

  29. Anon 22.10.18


  30. Anon 22.10.18

    “Sim Bye Ote” Jesus Christ

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