Shoot on Sight

Daniel Tennant, 55 ans, est officier de police à Londres. Après 30 ans de bons et loyaux services, les attentats londoniens du 7 Juillet se produisent. La loyauté et les priorités du policier sont alors remise en question.


  1. Anon 22.10.18

    Marvel tá na Disney só pode...

  2. Anon 22.10.18

    Although this looks good, If only this was apart and of the MCU

  3. Anon 22.10.18

    Except for Shoot on Sight's voice i have no issues , i think that Shoot on Sight's voice should be more menacing

  4. Anon 22.10.18

    man... I have bad feeling about this, I mean like- what if the Shoot on Sight himself only get 8 minutes screen time, and the rest is just talking, chasing, and black tentacle

  5. Anon 22.10.18

    (spoiler) tom hardy is Shoot on Sight ߘ

  6. Anon 22.10.18

    Oh my kadavula (God) .ߘ

  7. Anon 22.10.18

    No one cared who I was untill I put on the symbiote

  8. Anon 22.10.18

    Rizzzzzz!!!!!! Yessssssss!!!

  9. Anon 22.10.18

    October ߘ fml

  10. Anon 22.10.18

    Shoot on Sight will get a Hardy job.

  11. Anon 22.10.18

    Shoot on Sight's voice is total badass

  12. Anon 22.10.18

    что за кал

  13. Anon 22.10.18


  14. Anon 22.10.18

    Only Indians. Know about this movie satellite rights update and world television premiere on my chnl

  15. Anon 22.10.18

    Tobey Maguire where are you ??

  16. Anon 22.10.18


  17. Anon 22.10.18


  18. Anon 22.10.18

    Is it may or October

  19. Anon 22.10.18

    Sim Bye Oat

  20. Anon 22.10.18

    I'm a simple woman, I saw Tom Hardy I click Like

  21. Anon 22.10.18


  22. Anon 22.10.18

    I said it before and I'll say it again a Shoot on Sight movie without Spider-Man is a shitty Shoot on Sight movie. This movie can only be average at best and that's only thanks to the acting skills of Tom Hardy

  23. Anon 22.10.18

    I want so see Andrew Garfield as Spidey in this movie ! PLZ

  24. Anon 22.10.18

    Есть кто русский?

  25. Anon 22.10.18

    Tom Hardy is back with another mask!

  26. Anon 22.10.18

    Tive que ver o trailer de Vingadores: Guerra Infinita, mais uma vez para ter certeza que é o mesmo fundo musical.

  27. Anon 22.10.18

    3.6 million in 4 hours????

  28. Anon 22.10.18

    Looks like monster truck sequel. If you know what I mean

  29. Anon 22.10.18

    Thats not how you say symbiote

  30. Anon 22.10.18


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